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If you have film project about to start and you need cast of crew email us at and we will add it to the call outs.


Length of film: 20 minutes long
Filming Location: Dartmoor, Devon

Filming will take place over a couple of days (most likely a weekend) within the next couple of months. They hope to enter the film at various film festivals and will provide a finished copy of the film when it is completed to all people involved.

The production crew cannot offer compensation, as we are entirely self-funded. The have offered to transport cast and crew to the filming location if you live nearby and do not have your own transport. You do not have to have any experience in acting to get involved however at the same time we hope you are serious about giving it your best.

Synopsis In a post apocalyptic world, 3 people (a marine + a separate brother and sister) find themselves trapped together in an abandoned house, attempting to wait out the infection that is devastating mankind. Tensions rise however, when a mysterious stranger (Scientist) walks in from the wastelands claiming to know something about the outbreak and promising a cure.

Character bios and roles
Marine (Male between 18-30): Hotheaded, stubborn and edgy. He wants to survive and wants everything done his way. He deserted his platoon when he got word of the outbreak and fled into the countryside.

Sister (Female between 16-22): Shy and wary but has a fiery attitude. She lost her parents during the outbreak and looks to her older brother for protection although they have disagreements as brother and sister. Actress must be able to cry.

Older brother and Scientist have already been cast.

Please email if interested.


The filmmaker has recently moved to Devon and is writing a short film for production this summer

His previous work mostly consist of professional filming for rock concerts which are shoot for broadcast, DVD and the web, although he does have some experience with short dramatic narrative as you can see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMj369ISJSc and here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4297XZdQsM.

The film is calledThe Devon Axe Rabbit and follows the story of a lone vigilantes efforts to catch a giant axe wielding killer rabbit which he claims to have seen roaming the hills of Dartmoor.

It takes the form of a mocumentary and they are aiming for a running time of around 40 minutes. They are planning to shoot full time over two separate one week periods in the summer, and have all the photography completed by the end of August.

So far, they have filled the lead role of Alan and also of his American sidekick Curt.
They are now looking to fill the following major supporting roles:

Peter: Playing age 45 to 65. A policeman based in a small Dartmoor village police station. He smokes a pipe and has a soft Devon accent. He lives as though he is stuck in the 1940s, and the worst crime he's ever investigated is the theft of a bicycle. While serious about upholding the letter of the law, he has no real interest in doing any work, and is sceptical of Alan's claims of the Devon Axe Rabbit. Peter is married to a woman we never see, and is having an affair with Alice.

Alice: Playing age 45 to 55. A well-to-do married woman and dog owner with a buxom appearance and no sense of humour. She is married to a lifeboat captain who we never see. Late in the film she is caught by the documentary crew while dressed in a Bunnygirl costume having sex with Peter in his police car in a moorland car park at night.

Jessica: Playing age 35 to 45. A cynical journalist and author who has written extensively about the Beast of Dartmoor. She and Jessica are enemies. She takes an interest in Alan's campaign for her own ends.

Barbara: Playing age 28 to 36. Alan's wife, a nurse, driven to the edge of a nervous breakdown by his obsession with the Devon Axe Rabbit, and then very excited by the arrival of Alan's handsome American friend Curt, with whom she has an affair. She is the most likeable of all the characters.

Julian: Playing age 40s or 50s. A local radio presenter who we hear frequently and see occasionally. He speaks in his best radio voice even in off-air informal conversation.

There are other smaller speaking parts in the film, but for now they would like to receive CVs and web links for local actors who we will later invite to auditions.

They are also interested in hearing from production designers, art directors, runners, caterers, costume designers and sound recordists.

The primary tone of the film is one of dead-pan delivery. Their influences would include the classic mockumentary works such as Spinal Tap and The Office, as well as the absurd humour of The Comic Strip Presents.  We also like this short film called Big Society we found on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geq4MHsoH4Y .  In places our film mocks the establishment and the government.

They are self funding this film so we can only cover expenses, but are looking at a profit share system if the film is successful.

Contact Steven Price for more information or to express interest.

More info about the filmmaker and his work can be found here www.steviedvd.com

Exeter Phoenix Digital Short Film production- call out for Cast & Crew

"Mz Ez" tells the story of Esmeralda, a 16 year-old Grime MC who conquers bullying and prejudice to finally get her moment. Like "Fish Tank" meets "8 Mile". the film will be screened at the Two Short Nights festival in November. 

The shoot will take place this summer, for one week. 

FEMALE RAPPER / MC: (aged 15-20) required to be in short film "Mz Ez". No acting experience necessary, just the right look / attitude! 

Other roles required:
Joe - Male, 16-25, Esmeralda's love interest
Eva - Female, 45+, Esmeralda's nan

Expenses paid.  For more details please contact Kate on

Exeter Phoenix Digital Short Film production- call out for Cast & Crew

’Watch Me Dance’

The film will be shot during the week of the 6th to 10th August, with an extra day of shooting on 21st July,
It will be premiered at the Two Short Nights festival in November.

Sarah, a girl in her mid-teens, is passionate about ballet dancing. She wants to share this passion with her mother, Marie, but Marie is blind and will never be able to see her daughter dance. When Sarah is given the main role in her dance school’s summer show, her frustration with her mother’s blindness is greater than ever.

Coming home from practice one day, she discovers her mother dancing ballet in the living room with such grace and feeling that Sarah that Sarah is mesmerized; she never knew her mother could dance. Sarah goes on stage to perform her solo without Marie there to watch. But as she begins to dance, in another place mother and daughter move in unison, experiencing the dance together.

Sarah - female, mid-teens, must be able to dance ballet.
Marie - female, 30-40, must also be an experienced dancer.
Dance Teacher - any gender, 20-40, there is no requirement
to dance for this role.
Other dance students - mid-teens, some dancing ability
preferred but not required.

(Of the cast, only Sarah will be required on 21st July)

Composer - music is needed for both Sarah and Marie’s dances, and will be required in advance of the shoot in order for dances to be choreographed and performers to learn their routines.
Camera Operator - the camera being used will be Canon 60D.
Lighting Operators
Sound Recordist and Boom Operator
Make-Up Artist
Set Designer - specifically designed sets will be required for Sarah’s performance in the summer show and for the location in which Sarah and Marie dance together
Wardrobe Designer

Expenses Paid. For more information please contact Nichola ().


Extras needed for Exeter Based Feature Film

Casting for Shields of Justice

Locally produced feature film, Shields of Justice is seeking extras to be in thier final sequences. The shoots will take place in a Medieval feasting hall and a Vietnam War sequence.

The feasting hall will be shot on the 1st of May at Stoodleigh Court near Tiverton and the vietnam sequence is shooting at various times (slowly being confirmed) from the 20th april, through to mid may.

The first of our vietnam shoots is taking place on the 23rd of April and will feature an action sequence on a bridge.

The producers are also, trying to locate some reenactment people for the two scenes. The are hoping to to connect with local actors and crew, as well as reenactment or living history groups. Due to the fictitious nature of the film, they are most interested in WWII era re-enactors for the Vietnam sequence and any pre-16th century re-enactors for the feasting hall. 

They are also interested in characters from a fantasy setting, and as such are looking to contact live roleplay groups. Visit www.shieldsofjustice.com, for more. or please contact at , with the subject CASTING FOR SHIELDS for more informaton to to express your interest.


Award winning filmmaker Jed Hart is looking for a dark coloured horse (black or brown) and rider to star in our Dartmoor based short.

Preferably the rider would be male (or a taller female), required to dress in full costume and ride cross country at fairly low speeds near dartmoor.

Any expenses incurred such as travel, food etc will be covered by the production, and lunch will be provided on the day. Horse and rider will of course be credited on the film, which we hope to screen at festivals later in the year.

If you're interested please email for more details.


Not For Human Consumption – A film by Ben Sherriff

20 – 25 minutes short film exploring the dark possible side effects of legal high substance abuse – the film unravels through a flashback structure as the central protagonist Sam attempts to come to terms with a psychological breakdown and memory loss in the wake of her former boyfriends suspicious death.

Shooting May 5th – 7th 2012

Much of the film has already been shot – this final 3day shoot will cover the remaining storyline elements. (The flashback parts have all been completed).

The film is being produced as part of a practice based PhD in film at Exeter University – the films’ dialogue has not been scripted so you will need to be confident with improvisation. Unfortunately the production is unable to offer travel expenses however good healthy home cooked food will be provided.

Roles Required

Dr Francis (Early 30s or late 20s) – Looking for a late 20s or early 30s female actor. Dr Francis is a newly qualified psychiatrist working for the police. She has a background in forensics and is quite the brain. She is warm and approachable, extremely caring but very calculated. This is the main role to be cast – it will be challenging and crucial for the film to work.

Jodie (22) – The best friend of Samantha – she is at university for the second time after dropping out previously; she studies politics with Sam. Visits Sam in the psychiatric home and at night begins to help her piece together reality.

Care home manager / Nurse – (50s) – small but important role – probably won’t be required for all 3 shooting days.

• Potential to have a few extras for the psychiatric home - needed only for the 5th / 6th May only. (30s or 40s).

Please could interested parties contact Ben, k stating your relevant experience and which role you feel you would be suitable for. When I have received interest I will arrange an agreeable audition time.

Detailed Synopsis
The film is a short format improvised psychological drama exploring the dark possible side effects of legal high substance abuse. The central protagonist is a 19-year-old politics student named Samantha (Sam). Sam has suffered a period of drug-induced psychosis (coupled with a traumatic event) whereby she has experienced a complete memory loss. The film is set in a psychiatric care home where her absent wealthy father has sent her.

At the beginning of the film we meet DCI Tony Moreton, and a police psychiatrist Dr Francis – they take Sam to the location where her former boyfriend Dan’s body was found in an attempt to help her remember. Dr Francis and DCI Moreton have three meetings with Sam in the film as they attempt to piece together a clearer picture of her mental health – after their meetings we learn their viewpoints as they digest the interviews. Has Sam really lost her memory? Is she trying to cover something up? How did she come to acquire an addiction to legal high substances? Dr Francis gets closer to Sam we learn of her ex-boyfriend Dan’s drug abuse, Sam’s naivety, and witness the confusing messages of legal high substances as the film unravels through it’s flashback structure.

3 Videographers required:


DATE: Sat 21 April 2012

Exeter Sound Gallery are looking for 3 Videographers to help film all the action at this years Analogue to Digital Music Expo.

You need to be confident in your abilities and have a good eye for detail and interesting shots as we want to show the UK and the World just how good this show is.

You will be filming the world leaders in music and audio technology hardware and software, world renowned producers and engineers and may also be tasked to take on a few interviews of the product demonstrators.

If you are up for a challenege, and dont mind working under pressure please do get in touch. We can offer expenses for the day and any costs. If you have your own camera that is a bonus but if not we shall hire some.

Contact j@sound-gallery.net <>  or call the office on 01392 495301


Cast and Crew Call


Production working title: Day Return
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Distribution: Online, Film festivals
Project length: 10 minutes
Project format: 16:9 HD
Production location: Brixham. Devon
Company website: www.cottageindustryfilms.co.uk

Please send CV and picture to

Casting/ Director : Ashley Wing & Clayton Fussell
Audition Locations: Exeter and London
Compensation: Travel, food and accommodation

Due to the self funded nature of this project we can only cover expenses, including travel, food and accommodation (if required). On completion of the project all cast and crew will be provided with a DVD plus SD and HD mp4's of the film. Should the film be in receipt of any monies after completion, these will be shared amongst the cast and crew (once production costs have been reimbursed).

Cottage Industry Films has signed up to the Protecting Actors Casting Agreement http://www.protectingactors.org/terms.php , helping to ensure all actors involved receive a copy of the final footage in a timely fashion. Protecting Actors : SHIELD:1966


Auditions: March 24th 2012
Shooting Starts: April 21st, 2012

Shooting Ends: April,22nd 2012


'Day Return' is a dark thriller set against the backdrop of the rugged Devon coastline. Drawing stylistic and cinematic inspiration from films such as Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' and Steve McQueen's 'Hunger' it paints a portrait of life at the very edge - where the land meets the sea and where life and death feel almost the same.

Ian is given a ticket to the seaside for his birthday - he isn't sure if he will return. When he saves Lucy, a suicidal teenager, from drowning - a present is returned to him he thought he had lost, an appreciation of life. But can he convince Lucy that life is worth living, and was Lucy's suicide attempt a cry for help or something more sinister?

Film Casting call

Casting Call for Actors


Production working title: Go for it!
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Distribution: South West training resources; Tribal Education.
Project length: Short Film (20 minutes)

Project format: 16:9 HD
Posted on: Monday, April 20 February 2012,
Production location: Bovey Tracey. Devon
Company website: www.fastforwardfilms.co.uk

Please send CV and picture to martingill247@gmail.com

Casting/ Director : Martin Gill
Audition Locations: Exeter or Bovey Tracey
Email: martingill247@gmail.com
Compensation: Travel costs daily fee (negotiable)


Auditions: Early March 2012
Shooting Starts: April 15th, 2012

Shooting Ends: April,19th 2012


“Go for it” is a film about Tom, a man in his 30s who’s despondent about his attempts to find a job. He meets an advisor,Mike in a local café who offers him clear advice on how to prepare and act during an interview. We see 3 versions of Tom’s interview. A failed attempt, a successful version where he discloses a history of imprisonment, and a third version where there is not imprisonment history. In each of these versions he is interviewed at a hotel by a receptionist and by a female manager.

Character BIOS & Roles

[TOM] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 26-36]

Tom (main actor) is an average build, clean-shaven, presentable man who starts out mildly depressed and unshaven. He has a non-identifiable accent.


Mike (Tom’s advisor at the café) is confident, relaxed and upbeat. He has a ‘can do’ attitude to life and is empathic in his manner. He is clean shaven and average build.


Sue (hotel Receptionist)is friendly and helpful. She is smartly dressed and has a ability to remain polite whilst still being extremely annoyed by customers.


Carla (hotel Receptionist) is warm and friendly. She is professional and upbeat. Her work at the Hotel is smooth and effortless.


Shirley Knott (Hotel manager) is a professional hotelier/Manger who has been in the business a long time. She knows her work. She is smart, astute and does not suffer fools gladly. At times she has the air of a head-mistress. She is able to hold her cool during an interviewing process but still betrays a sense of incredulous surprise.


Jo Bredy, (Hotel manager) like Shirley is a professional She has been a city business manager before moving into hotel management. She’s quick minded knows about putting together a team. She is educated, smart and able to listen.

Useful links

South West Screen- www.southwestscreen.co.uk
Encounters Film Festival- www.encounters-festvial.org.uk
inets South West creative Industries- www.creativeindustriesi.net/
UK Film Council- www.ukfilmcouncil.org.uk
Devon and Cornwall film- www.devon-cornwall-film.co.uk

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