festival AWARDS


Each year Exeter Phoenix Digtial commissions artists to produce the awards for Two Short Nights Film Festival, and each year we've been thrilled by the results of their work.

We are currently on the look out for an artist to create the awards for Two Short Nights 2011. The awards need to be unique and represent the celebration of 10 years of Two Short Nights.

If you are an artist and would like to find out more about this opportunity please get in touch wih Exeter Phoenix Digital. .

2010 awards

Last year, Devon based artist Hatt Reiss created the Festival's awards. Hatt's approach to the brief was playful and very imaginative. Each award was handmade with a mechanical element which made the awards spin to a tune when a handle was turned.

2010 winners

2010 was yet another fantastic year for film-making talent. Congratulations to everyone who was involved and had their film screened.

Exeter Phoenix Digital are proud to announce the following award winners;

Best BURSARY Film 2009

Mrs Lustleigh's Fancies

Written and Directed by Paul Morel

Best Festival Film 2010
(Audience award)

A very british circus

Written and Directed by Geroge Barron

48 hour film challenge
(Best film 2010)

The last train to jelly mold junction

Written and Directed by Corrugated Corduroy

2009 Awards

In 2009, Bristol-based artist Frances Davidson's amazing awards consist of a glass dome fixed onto a cast resin base resulting in what is in effect a giant snow globe. Inside the dome of each award is an individually hand-crafted miniature model of a filmmaking icon. The chosen icons include a megaphone, an old film camera, a director's chair, a film reel complete with miniature film of Eadweard Muybridge's study of a man walking and a clapper board containing details of an obscure 1960's porn film. As if this wasn't adequate the artist has finished each piece off by including inside them, along with the traditional glitter and stars, several individually cast pieces of resin popcorn and on the base a handle that when turned play Lara's Theme from Dr Zhivago. Thank you Frances for such an amazing contribution.

2009 Winners

Congratulations to all the film-makers whose films were screened at 2009's festival.
Your films helped to make 2009's festival a great success.

Exeter Phoenix Digital are proud to announce the following award winners;


La LegendE~DALI

Written and Directed by Tom Austin


Written by Benjamin Borley and David Salas
Directed by David Salas

Best FESTIVAL Film (Audience Award)

La LegendE~DALI

Written and Directed by Tom Austin

Best Film D+CFilm Open Screening (Audience Award)

Robbing peter

Ashley Wing & Clayton Fussell

48 Hour Film Challenge 2009 Best Film

The Existential dilemma of johnny yo

Team: Beige Alert (Stuart Dawson & Su Elliott)

Photography by Simon Rakestrow