Tue 15 Nov, 8pm, Free, Black Box Studio

You shall not leave the way!, Dir. Verinka Szemlova, 2011. Czech Republic
Into That Good Night, Dir. Nicola Tetlow, 2011. UK
The Olympic Village, Dir. Suited & Booted, 2011. UK
Tuesday 21st, Dir. David Salas, 2011. UK
Spoilt Broth,Dir. Toby Roberts, UK/GERMANY
My Apologies , Dir. Andreas Goldfuss, Canada
Shifter, Dir.Ben Parker, 2011. UK
ELLA, Dir. Dan Gitsham, 2011. UK
Delays Expected, Dir. Sam Cooke, 2011. UK
The Poet Barber, Dir. Jojo, 2011. UK
The Last Pagan, Dir. Jan Maroske, 2011. UK

Screening subject to change. Content may not be suitable for younger audiences

IMAGE: Anakapitonka



Thu 1 Dec, 5.30pm, £3.50 (£2.50)

Anakapitonka (you know what it means), Dir. LDLMUSIC.COM, 2011. Italy
Stefen is a funny guy who goes on holiday in the UK. He meets a few local girls, he thinks his luck strikes but his girlfriend…
Jackie and Kevin 1977, Dir. Daisy Gould. 2011. UK
An animated exploration of memory, shared experiences and imagination triggered by a piece of graffiti found in a draw.
Potable, Dir. Kew Lin, 2011. Singapore
Just a day for an agent examining a possibly contaminated water attachment area turns in to a decision that could change the course of history.
Shadow & Sun, Dir. Helmie Stil, 2011. UK
This film shows the filmmakers feeling of moving to a different country.
Paper Memories, Dir. Theo Putzu, 2010. Spain
An old man searches for happiness in old photos…
Two worlds divided by the inability to dream…
Flat footed apocalypse, Dir. Martin Lejeune, 2011. UK
Two lovers in a post apocalyptic world try to outrun the hoards chasing them.
Artalde, Dir. Asier Altuna, 2009. Spain
A shepherd, lost in the city, searches for his flock. His call attracts the attention of some people, who decide to follow him.
Light and Dark, Dir. Tom Stubbs & Michael Smith, 2008. UK
Two filmmakers and their alter-egos fight for attention, in the end who will survive?
Photossociation, Dir. David Pimm, 2011. UK
How do you associate the things you see? Photossication is an abstract film exploring the connection that can be created between images. How you digest and translate links is up to you.
The Beach House, Dir. Richard Standen, 2011. UK
River, a younger child of deaf adults begins to reconnect with his younger deaf siblings after the death of their parents, at their inherited beach house.
Wall-Mation ‘POV’, Dir. Suited & Booted, 2011. UK
A youth animation project, which combines graffiti, large objects and brings them together to create short animated films within a warehouse, young people let their imagination run wild.

Screening subject to change. Content may not be suitable for younger audiences

IMAGE: Wildlife



Thu 1 Dec, 7.30pm, £3.50 (£2.50)

You left your heart in the city , Dir. Mark Duggan, 2010. UK
Following a male through the demise of his relationship with his wife and son. Presented in snapshots.
The boy with a brown paper bag for a head, Dir. Leeanne Flyn, 2011. Scotland
Just as the title suggests, this is a sweet story of a boy who has a brown paper bag for a head.
Remembering Formby, Dir. Sue Elliot, 2011. UK
A brief introduction to the safest man in Britain
Fotograma 23, Dir. Ana Canvalho, 2011. Portugal
A photographer observes a set of finished negatives. Looking at the photographs he also looks at an instant of someone’s life, a still that tells a story.
Shame, Dir. David Salas, 2011, UK
Shame by Jean-Paul Sartre. An advert by philosophy.
Singing On The Treetops, Dir. Amber Dobinson, 2010. UK
When Mahender was a little girl she would climb to the top of the mango tree and sing. Here Mahender looks back at her childhood in Uganda and how finally, several decades later, she is able to rediscover her voice.
Wild Life, Dir. Kevin Maynard, 2011. UK
If you fill a house with animals, don't be surprised when there's blood in the bathtub.
Výhled / The view, Dir. Milan Ondruch, 2011. Czech Republic
A simple peek at an ordinary afternoon of a modern woman. This is a film whose message may be missed more than once.
Bertie Crisp, Dir. Francesca Adams, 2011. UK
Bertie crisp (half bear, half panda) lives in a caravan park with his sociopathic Bunny Rabbit wife, Grace. She is determined to have a baby. The problem is, she wants one now! And with Bertie struggling the …traditional method, they turn to plan B. Kidnap!
The Homogenics, Dir. Gerade Frexies Ribera, 2010. Spain
The same people living in the same houses. Uniformisation turns everything into stereotypes. The Homogenics family sitcom is an extreme example of that.
Paper Hearts, Dir. Rob Brown, 2011. UK
A dysfunctional father and son make a surprising discovery about each other.
La Gran Carpera, Dir. Kote Camach, 2010. Spain
The year 1914. The Lasarte racetrack announces a race with a never before-seen prize for the winning horse. Eight of the best horses and mares in the world have registed. Fans and heavy betters from all the continents gather to participate in the great event: the half million prize.

Screening subject to change. Content may not be suitable for younger audiences


Cineon-Productions 48 hour film screening

Thu 1 Dec, 9.15pm, Free

A Cop Thing, Dir by Team Magical
Alien Loves, Dir by Team Latrodectus Mactans
Audacity, Dir by Team MGV Productions
Autumn Leaves, Dir by Team Mosaic Machine
Before, Dir by Team Team Exe
Hero, Dir by Team Juggins inc
Heros of Happiness , Dir by Team No Weekend
Her-O , Dir by Team Lemon Entry Films
House Martin , Dir by Team Get Me Rex Kramer
Indie Hero, Dir by Team Indie Finger
Jazz Criminal, Dir by Team Lost Notebook
My Hero: Terry Gabriel, Dir by Team Poorly Drawn Productions
My Little Hero ,Dir by Team 21st Century Cox
Good Shepherd, Dir by Team Jogoncoppers
Painted Black, Dir by Team Team Crab Meat
Rabbit , Dir by Team On The Periphery
Sankatrail, Dir by Team Velosimax
Talking Heroes, Dir by team The Sleepwalkers
The Gift, Dir by team Llewellyners
Hero Key, Dir by team J-Logic.


Screening subject to change. Content may not be suitable for younger audiences

Images (from Top): Screaming Skull, Ashley Thorpe. Mrs Lustleigh's Fancies, Paul Morel.

Screaming Skull

Ten big years of to short nights

Fri 2 December, 6.30pm, £3.50 (£2.50)

To celebrate the last 9 years of excellent filmmaking we will be speaking to a live panel of film makers who have been part of Exeter Phoenix Digital's Short Film Commissions, and who have had thier work screened at previous Two Short Nights Fetivals.

Some festival favourites will be screened and there will be a chance to hear what the film makers have achieved following their commissions.
If you are a Two Short Night Festival Fan or this is your first Festival expereince 10 Big Years of Two Short Nights is a must see.


Featured films:

Small Change, Dir. Chris Jones. 2008.
The tale of a lonely boy at a party who has a magical encounter with a strange old man.
Mrs Lustleigh's Fancies, Dir. Paul Morel. 2010.
A darkly comic and fabulously grotesque tale of greed, curiosity and fatal attraction.
The Greatest Escape, Dir. John Sealy. 2003.
Set in 1941, it tells the story of a French colonial soldier in a German prisoner of war camp.
The Screaming Skull, Dir. Ashley Thorpe. 2008.
Spencer Penraddon returns from the 1st World War to his ancestral home. His sister has succumbed to the blight that has cursed the family since the 17th century...the mysterious 'Screaming Skull'.
Distraction, Dir. Toby De Burgh. 2008.
A young man living alone is troubled by his relationship with his girlfriend.
Special feature teaser..., Dir Max Sobol. 2011.
Nearly 40 years after the coup a Chilean exile waits by the lock in Camden for his wife to join him.
This was a teaser shot to help attract funding for a feature film that is currently in development. Adapted from an original play by Avi Nassa, also the lead actor, the film is a magical realism contemporary of Mike Leigh’s naked.

Screening subject to change. Content may not be suitable for younger audiences

IMAGE: The Grobler, Jed Hart

the grobbler

Exeter phoenix 2011 premiere

Fri 2 Dec 2011, 9pm, £3.50 (£2.50)

Men, Loos and Number Twos, Dir. Andy Oxley, 2011.
Going to the toilet is a natural, everyday bodily function. So you might as well make it as pleasant as possible.
POEMA, Dir. Chris King, 2011.
Midsummer’s Eve: a chance meeting between a man and a woman in the woods provokes a romantic reverie.
Cops and Joggers, Dir. David Williams, 2011.
A peaceful Cathedral city is disturbed after a series of riverside murders take place, leaving the police with nothing but a pair of golden jogging shorts to follow…
Until the Dawn, Dir. Benjamin Borley, 2011.
A moving and thought-provoking exploration of reality and desire considering the lengths we're prepared to go to to find true love.
The Grobler, Dir. Jed Hart, 2011.
An old man tells his grandchild of the local legend they call The Grobler, a foul-smelling, cave-dwelling, child-crunching beast, in order to deter him from exploring the dark forest alone.
QuietGuy11, Dir. William Westaway, 2011.
An alienated teenager, haunted by the sudden death of his mother, makes a pact with a mysterious stranger he met in an online chatroom. Will this help him find the peace he seeks?
Dog-Collar Criminal , Dir. Tom Austin, 2011.
You know those stories you hear that are so odd, you think they must be made up… Well let me tell you about a rather naughty vicar with a passion for sailing close to the wind.

Find out more about this year's SHORT FILM COMMISSIONS

This screening will be followed by the Two Short Nights 2011 Award ceremony.

Screening subject to change. Content may not be suitable for younger audiences